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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Update your baubles

I was having this conversation with Mike about midway through November that I spotted Santa at our local shopping centre and from that point on I needed to get home and pop up our tree and start planning how I was going to coordinate our table and what decor will be up.

Every year he's gotten a good laugh out of it. This year being the biggest because Mays' has hit the one year mark and although still doesn't understand the concept of Christmas he gets excited when I get excited and thats all that matters to me.

The first DIY of this serious is creating your own baubles filled with greenery.
You can alternately fill it with whatever you please but whatever you choose this will be a fun activity for you and your little ones.

You'll need clear baubles which you can purchase from various stores but the cheapest that work well are from your local Reject Shop being $1 each. Whilst me and Mays' headed out for our daily wander we went on a little treasure hunt looking for the best plants, you can alternatively get faux plants but I love the real ones. They'll last about a month in the baubles as long as they aren't directly in the sunlight. My personal favourites are babies breath flowers, gum leaves and pine plants but anything succulent like will work.
Cut them up and pop them in and leave them hanging!