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Thursday, 16 November 2017

get the feeling of fresh and cleansed

It's been an interesting few weeks over on my side of town. Weather has now been four seasons in one. In Melbourne we've had: Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring and then Summer again and I've had to pair the ever changing forecast to match my skincare routine.

On the brighter side I've been testing some fantastic new favourites to add to your christmas wish list so let's get this started.

First off, a delight for anyone suffering from eczema or current damaged skin from sunburn. The Bioderma Repairing Crème is pretty amazing. A few weeks ago I went out and stupidly had a cocktail (was delish!) but it was infused with a little lemon. Not good for eczema, any acidic fruits have now become my worst nightmare and I end up being in denial every time someone offers me food with it infused. My skin goes through two stages - itchiness which rings alarm bells that I've eaten something wrong and then the red and dry second-day skin that takes almost a week to try and repair itself.
This had been sitting in a little box on my product shelf for a month or so and I wasn't really sure what to test it on until the eczema breakout started. I read reviews first off and decided from there that it can't hurt to give it a try. By that time anything new was worth testing as the breakout can get quite painful. The formula was super smooth on the skin and felt like a small veil of moisturiser was placed over it. I cleaned the skin beforehand used this straight after as my moisturiser substitute and let it rest on my skin as I slept. What usually would take days of healing happened within 24hrs. This is a first for me and I am going to be repurchasing this soon as its empty. From someone who has had some of the worst days with my skin this is a godsend.  I will  be giving this a try on Mays' in the coming months as the heat rolls in as he tends to get a little red and tender on his face and arms and this will help him to not scratch.

Next was the Mecca Cosmetica Eye Mask. I systematically do two-three in home facials per week. I never miss them, my skin needs it to restore itself and I have been big on skincare over the last two years and looking after yourself in every purposeful way. Once a week in the mornings I have been using these eye masks to lift and illuminate under my eyes, great for a thursday morning as you start to really get that mid week tiredness upon you. These will not take away your dark circles though - there are other products for that on the market that we'll get into later - but they DO give you that lift and take away the puffiness and make you look alive again (hence the mid week pick me up). Great for anyone that has a job where they fly around to different cities for work and need to look refreshed before meetings. You'll definitely see these in my carry on when we fly out for our US vay-cay!

Mario Badescu lip balm. I've been a fan of these since getting one from a relative about a year ago. Although there hasn't been anything else from the brand that's made me go back to it this on the other hand has been a product I have multiples of in every bag. It's light on the lips and unlike other balms on the market it doesn't feel like you're layering a thick veil of wax on that tastes revolting. It feels nourishing and a huge fav of mine. Great if your need your partner to grab you a few stocking fillers as well as these are a bargain at Mecca.

This one was an interesting one for me. I tested this out when my cousin had flown in for her regular corporate meetings in the CBD and had stopped in for the night at my place to catch up.
First use for both of us didn't do much but I wanted to persist with the product. Application was interesting with the two layers needed for the products to start their foaming process. The first is the charcoal which is an amazing little thing for all skin types, it pulls all those nasties under the layer of your skin to the top and then the oxygen mask goes ahead and re-engerises the skin to get the blood circulation moving along. The derma blade is then used to scrape away the product and reveal the fresh face underneath. It really started to show it's worth when I tried it again two days later. The skin felt more refreshed then the previous use and you could see that the pores were being cleaned more thoroughly which is exactly what you want to achieve.  For me I'd probably use this a few days before an event as it will refresh my skin enough for this but this wouldn't be used as my weekly mask as the product would only get around 8 uses from both tubes combined. Still, I love it and I'm saving the rest of it for a skin refresh when I head back to QLD in January.
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