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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

LK x Adairs

'We’ve used beautiful fabrics and the colours are muted but really fresh feeling” – Lindy Klim

The summer season is fast approaching and that brings with it a revamp of certain rooms in my house. The warmer climate usually means stepping back the layers of throws and pillows and keeping everything as basic and bare for those warmer nights - queue the current 'mini' heat wave we are having in Melbourne.

Latest update is the Lindy Klim x Mercer Reid range from Adairs.
Lindy epitomises cool balinese style and it's exactly what I am going for. Combining muted colours in the room is making it a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy.
My bedroom is my solitude, it's where I escape to read a good book without being interrupted.
The moving of furnishings and a change up of certain things creates a new calm space for me to go home to.

We are lucky enough to have our master bedroom located on the top floor of our house and it takes up half of that floor, the builders did a fab job of putting in a large floor to ceiling window on one side and then a big double door to access our private balcony. So on the warmer nights we tend to keep the doors wide open and get that beautiful beach breeze flowing through.
We are all about the comfort as well, so ensuring a nice bedspread thats comfortable to sprawl out on top of is key in this space. I am going for this cool, low maintenance, nordic vibe in the room and have tendered to only ever keeping it simple. Just how I like it.

Lindy Klim x Mercier Reid for Adairs available instore now