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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Gabrielle Bonheur - welcoming the new

It's been due time that an upgrade was made when it came to Chanel parfumés.
The new addition to their fragrance empire came as no surprise to me with the new Gabrielle bag being such a popular asset amongst many a folk. 
With the first spritz I picked up more of the orange blossom over anything else with that dying down to more of a floral fragrance that I couldn't pin point until I had read through the bio of the product via Chanel. With four florals attached to this I am more so inclined to add that this for me is more of a younger fragrance then the well known Chanel No.5 (which I wasn't able to wear as it didn't sit well on my skin). A new favourite atop my dresser that I shall be using for very special occasions.  

Chanel for me embodies a brand of luxe, sentimental items that adhere to your lifestyle as long as you take good care of them like you'd take care of your grandmothers pearls.
It's a simplistic and unique brand that has cemented its own right to be at the top of the designer list. 

Gabrielle Bonheur herself wanted to create a formidable brand that pushed apart the limitations women in the 1900s dealt with. She was, for all intensive purposes a remarkable women.
The legend continues with many releases of couture clothing, bags, beauty and makeup collections alike.

The fragrance represents pure femininity or as Chanel herself wrote 'I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am'. 

Chanel Gabrielle available in store now at Chanel Beauty Boutiques