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Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Wreath

We had such a fun time creating this years decorations, Mays' was somewhat of a help in all of these creations and then somewhat not (meaning he got bored halfway through and started nibbling on some of the greenery, will train him better next year for sure).

The trick is using fauna that will dry beautifully in the aussie heat and last more than a month as you will be needing this to stay looking just as good as the day you made it. I've also been experimenting with drying flowers myself and using them for different props, bouquets and this years Christmas decor. A dried rose looks beautiful and will last long after I take the wreath down from our front door and they gift off a stunning subtle scent if you manage to clip some fresh ones to dry out.

We picked most from our local forest walks and the rest came from my local florist - gum leaves and babies breath flowers are ideal for this sort of activity.
Both the  metal ring and florist wire came from Spotlight, they have a huge supply of crafty bits and bobs for you to play around with.

The last piece was a ribbon. I have an over supply of ribbon that I tend to keep every time I get a package. I never throw them away and you'll see more of them in my next Christmas DIY as many were reused. The one shown was from a Net-A-Porter order and it keeps well with the minimalist feel.