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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Breakfast booked with Tiffany's

Tiffany's is one of those substantial brands that we all know about and wish for.
A super fine and delicate piece wrapped up in its iconic green box and tied with it's silk white ribbon.

Over the Christmas period Michael started asking me what I wanted gift wise and this was the first year that I realised there wasn't anything I really needed as I wanted to spoil Mayson.
It got him thinking though and I was ever so proud of the choices he made, we got engaged in July and I got one of the best and most precious pieces of jewellery on that day that never leaves my finger. So he opted for something more personalised that I could wear just as much as my engagement ring and wear it with pride on the daily.

Tiffany's is well known for its token heart pieces and although that was his first choice I am glad he changed his mind (I like iconic brands but I usually prefer going with a selection that not many already have). So from there came the initial necklace handwritten with the letter 'M'.

M stands for all the M's in my life and there is a hell of a lot of them in my close family i.e Michael, Mayson, Mia, Marley, Moira - delicate and precious I'll be keeping this locked around my neck for as long as I am capable of.

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