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Sunday, 21 January 2018

2018: Beauty News

Keen to dive into 2018 with a fresh face and a new routine.

Today I've been scrolling through all my notes on the wonderful new products that have accumulated on my bathroom shelf.

Eight Brooke Detoxifying Mask - it's a super little charcoal product that clears out the pesky pores, reinvigorates the skin and balances the skin tone. Already a fan of charcoal masks for their benefits - activated charcoal has a ton of benefits that when placed on the skin will pull out all the nasties that have gathered in your pores to the top which you then clean away. Great for my current skin in the heat and changing seasons that cause me to have minor breakouts every now and then. Keep watch as there will be a separate post for multiples products from this brand that you need to add to your winter wish list!

Jurlique Advanced Serum - a nice little serum packed with so many benefits. After the extreme heat my skin tends to need a boost of hydration, this works wonders for just that.

We are feel good INC coconut sunscreen - SPF 50+ what more can I say. Using and wearing sunscreen has a million and one benefits for your body and skin. You should never be without it, even in the winter months. Light weight and refreshing with a scent of coconut, we took this up to Palm Cove on our mini-break as an absolute essential.

Feel Good Paw Paw ointment - I'm never without one of these. Any brand will do yes but I always try to opt for a product without petroleum which Feel Good INC does not have in it. I usually keep some for of it in my bag especially with Mays' tending to get little scratches and bites when out and about and this is great to pop on the wound til we get home. It's more of an all rounder that everyone needs.