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Monday, 29 January 2018

photo journal: 25 things

1.       Always wear SPF. Your skin + body will thank you in the future

2.       Love is worth the fight. No relationship is perfect but we all fight for it one way or another

3.       Life is one hell of a short ride (especially once you hit 25) eat the damn fries but also eat your greens

4.       Your body has no memory of pain but your mind temporarily does. So your breakups are going to hurt, they will make a strong women turn into an emotional wreck. But if we can survive childbirth then we damn well can survive a breakup

 5.       Go and read a book about training your mind to love yourself, stop the self-doubt. It will only kill your happiness and we ARE ALL amazing in our own right!

6.       Be straightforward, ask the question even when the answer is a no. It will make your mind be at ease knowing you at least tried

7.       You won’t remember your belongings/items unless you inherited something of special value. So spend your money on overseas trips or outings. Don’t buy something if you can’t afford it and it makes you get anxiety. It’s not worth the second guessing and your bank accounts loud screams. You will only ever remember the occasions not the items

8.       Travel, whether it’s just to the next capital city or across the seas. Do it before your 40 and don’t hesitate to have a few drunken nights dancing in the sand

9.       Self-doubt isn’t sexy. Confidence is. Learn to love yourself because you are bloody incredible

10.   Don’t be upset if you don’t get the job, it’s just fate and later when you’re in the job you love you’ll be very thankful for the ones that let you go

11.   One failure does not define you, get up, brush off those heels (or my preference sneakers) and re-jump start your life

12.   We all love social media, but remember those days as a kid where you happily played outside without a care in the world…yeh that kid…well you are still that kid, just a little older. So stop. Put it down. And learn to enjoy yourself without it

13.   The grass is always greener on the other side. A great saying and a pretty damn good fact. Water your lawn (A LOT) but once the grass refuses to grow…move house

14.   Life isn’t a race. It never will be. Don’t compare your single life to your friend with the happy marriage and two kids. We grow at our own pace and I can guarantee to some extent they miss that single life

15.   Read. Read as many and as much as you can. Intelligence comes in the form of study. Don’t pretend to be knowledgeable and then become opinionated about things you’ve never read. It looks stupid. So read more and argue less 

16.   Don’t argue with those that aren’t worth the argument. You know that annoying conversation you see between someone with an iPhone and someone with a Samsung. They waste their fighting energy. Don’t be them, its lame

17.   Don’t rush learning. Embrace it. Every stage is important

 18.   Keep your friends secrets. Gossip is a nasty product of word vomit

19.   A cup of tea with cake, a hot bath and a good chick flick can momentarily fix anything. Use it to your advantage

20.   Cherish friendships. The ones that make you smile, although each friend is different. They all bring a little piece of exactly what you need in life. So don’t condemn it, enjoy it

21.   Forgive and Forget. It also doesn’t mean you have to remain friends or be around them. It just means you can forgive and forget the bad and move on with your own life - avoid them for the rest of it

22.   Saying No is just as important as saying Yes. Know when to use them both wisely 

23.   Take care of your hair and body. Feed it what it loves and don’t be cheap and miss those haircuts or facials. You only have the one so take care of it

24.   Never undestimate your worth. We as people are the most determined and strong. What doesn’t work out today and tomorrow might just be the best damn chance of loss there is 

25.   Life will rush by you in an instant. Love youself. You are the only one that in the end will take care of you and use yourself to your own advantage. So stop pressuring your self worth. Take a moment, look in the mirror and smile at the incredible human you have and will become. Embrace you now and forever!

The 25 things I have learnt in the 28 years I have been on this planet. 
This isn’t about my fiancé, my baby boy or my family. This was about us, me, you, them.
The strong, amazing, the talented women that deserve a million more thankyous and a billion more congratulations for being bloody champions at life. This is my own musings. The things I scribble on parchments of paper when I feel like there’s something wrong around me. These are my 25 things, what's yours?