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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Working with Studio Silva

Last year was such a busy but tremendous year for me. Although I sort of laid down my own rules with my blogging and social media I came to realise that the important collaboration and friendships come along in the most fabulous ways.

Myself and Jess met over Instagram - as you do - and we chatted back and forth for many years before deciding to collaborate and meet up for a well overdue coffee.

It's not well know as I dont advertise it so much on @T.andK that I do infact have my own business where I work on product photography exclusively for other businesses. I've watched and followed along on Jess's progress of her own business and have always kept it noted that in future our wedding invitations will be carefully curated by her (no set date of course). 

Studio Silva is the name of the business and she creates the most gorgeous bespoke array of invitations and event stationary along with a notably popular graphic design business. 

For this post, I wanted to share some of the talent behind both the curator of the work and the eyes behind the camera.

Stylist + photographer: Tarlie @T.andk             Products + styling: Jessica @Studiosilva_