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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

it comes in eight

I found a new love for charcoal masks nearing the end of 2017.
Although I have always been a fan of face masks in general and the range that varies from brand to brand, mud masks and charcoal are an instant hit in my weekly routine.

I've been road testing two of the current Eight Brooke products over the two months and utilising them as often as possible. So lets dive straight into it.

Charcoal detoxifying mask - it's good. It gives off a slight fuzzy feeling where you can pretty much instantly feel it soaking into the pours as it pulls out all the left over dirt and impurities that your initial cleanser didn't remove.
It had a weird sensation that I couldn't decide if i liked or disliked in the beginning but I found to love.
I have been using a few different ranges of charcoal masks on my skin since  around mid 2017 after reading about them from Eleanor Pendelton and other high end skincare bloggers whilst also wanting to test out consuming a pure charcoal in my smoothie each day and see how it detoxes my body. I've been fascinated with the ones you get at day spa's that everyone seems to swear by and even my dermatologists clarifies some of the benefits on using these weekly.
Only a few ingredients in each of these products which has helped me to gravitate towards them more and my quest to have a more natural approach to brands (harder than it seems in a world like mine filled with so many different beauty brands that have both natural and chemical ingredients).
It contains bio fermented lemon peel which half of us don't fully understand its benefits but it gives your skin a big boost in antioxidants thereby adding luminosity. I feel that these types of masks are great before big events or the day before returning to work. It fully refreshes the skin and yanks out as much of the bad stuff so that your skin is prepared for a lather of the good stuff - I'm currently back using my Clinique Moisture Surge for the million repeat.

Aspen bark exfoliating cleanser. One of my biggest bugs in life are friends that tell me that don't either cleanse well - I prefer a good double cleanse - and friends that don't use a decent exfoliator.
When asked why I recommend the two its easy to answer, your skin needs to regenerate, it needs to be clean and clear in order for it to renew and revive itself.
This only lightly foams on the skin but you can feel the effects of it working its magic to break away any left over makeup (after I first use a makeup wipe).
My skin has gone through some terrible traumas. Especially in the years of not properly cleansing or using products that go well with its mediocre sensitivity levels.

Both products work well, that's it. There's no sugar coating it - if I didn't like them you wouldn't see them published here.
The serums will be my next test from this line but for the sensitive skinned gals I encourage you test these products out along with other more organic brands that may provide you with what this current brand doesn't.

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