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Friday, 16 March 2018

Take me to Palm beach

So lately guys I have been missing here (noted I promise) but the end result on why I haven't published much will soon come into fruition.

But for now I had to get something up about  one of my many new discovers in my home.
We all know I adore a good home scent, candles, diffusers, indoors fragrance sprays...the lot.
I have something in every room of my house, I have to. I am addicted to that fresh clean aroma that fills the rooms and makes things, homely!

I found and fell in love with a brand in December after receiving some of the candles in my mailbox. Fresh fruity scents that worked well into the whole summer/beachy vibe I had running in my home.
But then the next delivery arrived on my door step and these mini's became an instant hit all round - noted that the hubbs even conveniently 'borrowed' one of these to have in his office space. 
I am currently addicted to - Clover and Sandalwood.
It's robust, strong within the few metres it needs to be scented around and I adore it, even in mini form.
I'll next be popping open the coconut and lime but for now, I'll just sit here enjoying the fragrance output from the clover and sandalwood aromas. Need I say more?

Scents available from Palm Beach

My suggestions: Clove and Sandalwood deluxe candle, Lillies & Leather diffuser, Gardenia gift pack