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Sunday, 15 April 2018


It has been a ridiculously busy - but also an amazing start to 2018 so far.
We've moved house, we've packed, unpacked. Bought new furnishings. Worked two jobs throughout the movement but it's been totally worth it. Even those uber eats nights surrounded by boxes and us scrounging for forks just so we can enjoy our oily Vietnamese. 

Time. I'm schedule obsessive. Always have been.
I like things noted down in print rather than on a screen. The less notifications on my phone the better it is for me to concentrate on the tasks of the day.
But keeping time has always been the hardest. 
Right now I have decided a new time piece was a must have after my last sadly faded away at the bottom of the ocean (true story, Brighton Beach. Chasing my pug. It was truly laughable).

7.32pm and I am logging off for time for family time. The most important time the day.