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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Play | clarks

Have you noticed it's almost winter yet? I sure have. As soon as I realised I was adding more than two layers on I knew that our cold season had wandered up.

We have two rules in my house. 1. Make sure your belly is always full (a must at all times to keep you warm). 2. Wear comfy yet warm shoes (if not uggs/slippers go for something that you can wear out).

Mays' and I got absolutely spoilt from my Clarks fam with myself in some comfy leather brogues and Mays' in some new - pretty fab looking - boots. Day one in our adventures started off with puddle splashing, mud squishing fun. Mays' of course had the time of his life (as any 18 month old would right). Mine however - I kept out of the mud puddles and kept my distance more to the safer footpath end as I didn't want to get my flash new babies dirty.

From a brand that has built a strong fellowship over the many years providing well made, well thought out comfy footwear. Whilst the season changes and we start sporting more comfortable pieces I know that these will can many more uses and last me well into the next winter season.

Mays' wearing kids style Chelsea boots
My brogues are Lillia Lola