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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Getting organised with ikea

Let's be honest here, I haven't always been organised. I remember the days of being 17 with a desk covered in homework that I didn't look twice at. Pen engravings were on every inch and it was totally non organised. Then comes the 20s, I started my financial career and the organisation crept in but still wasn't there as most work was done away from home. It took me a lot of time and effort to teach myself routines in keeping my areas clean, tidy and organised. Circa 2014 when Twice TK became public and photography was more driven then ever,  suddenly I was getting bookings, payments from collaborations and much more. So making a routine and training my mind was essential.

I now have this thing with organisation - it's all over my home - but my office is my space. The space I come to both work and to relax. I move and change this space just as often as I change my socks (not quite literally). I have bouts of inspiration that I need re-do my pin board to reflect what I am feeling or how I see a particular clients work to be completed. I create palettes of colours to suit my moods and thats become one of my favourite things.
I am of course a visual person. Bear in mind I love reading and books but photographs, paintings and visual movement are what keeps me going. Keeps me inspired. Things never need to be perfect and I think that's what I love about this space the most. Although I still have plenty more to be done with my magazine inspo - haven't had the time to rip, shred and stick all that amazing inspiration up since our move - all the little details that make it mine are worth it. They are my in-perfect, perfect.

Trestle desk all from Ikea, we actually purchased the trestles and then by weird luck (as they had run out of the tops) we found the wooden 'bench top' from the discount section for $25 - bargain buy. The textured wood compliments the black trestle legs well and the fit almost instinctively looks like it was in the end meant to be all along. Then comes the smaller details. Pinboard + pins, tape, magazine and pen organiser and brown wrapping paper scrolls from the Ikea stationary line, plant and pot (necessity in any office) from the garden section.

This post was all inspired by the team at Ikea Australia. For a brand that thrives on creating beautiful minimal products that all though are set at wonderful prices. The quality will always be there. They want to see just how you remain organised. So make sure to check the hashtag #IKEAatmyplace for more.

A few other things on my desk that I consider some of the best buys I have every made in terms of my own personal organisation: Salt and Pepper Home basket, Pottery Barn gold box (cheapie alternative from Kmart), Notebooks  by An Organised Life (I also buy the planner from AOL every year on pre order-a must!), black clips by Immy and Indi, Gold Clips from Kmart, Woven basket by Kim Soo Home - new shop in Coolingwood and if you've ever been to the Bali store the products are amazing and super cheap well worth a visit, Candle by Palm Grove (I recommend Lillies & Leather)