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Saturday, 26 May 2018


It's been quite a few weeks now I've going back and forth with my skincare. Winter for me brings terrible dry, lack of of lustre skin. I made a commitment many moons ago to take care of it far more than I used to. Meaning regular check ups with my derma, regular at home treatments (masks etc) and a good skin care routine that I change up regularly to suite my skin.

Lastest product came from Philosophy, another from their widely popular 'Purity' range.
It's got all the ingredients I love in a product - salicylic acid which is a hero for exfoliation purposes (widely used for acne prone skin - BHA) great for anyone that has the downfall of very clogged large pores as this tends to clear them out and have the skin rebuild itself from the inside out. Then comes the two ingredients that may prevent you from buying this: Bentonite and Kaolin - these two are tricky ones. When chatting to my derma about the nitty gritty with this product these two seemed to be her most concern, for the most part Kaolin is known for clearing out the pores, it will pull out all the dirt inside (plus). The only issue is that these two products may be far too drying for your skin. As she mentioned the ingredients on the product didn't show enough in how much of these products were inside the tube. Too little does nothing, too much can cause overly dry skin - meaning for the extremely dry skin girls this will not fix anything and can potentially make it drier. For the oily skin girls - well you know the drill, the more drying a product is the more oil your skin will produce in the aftermath.

I used this running on four weeks, in the evening after full makeup + cleansing. My skin has always been combination at this time of year with only minimal dryness so this was a good product to test out on my skin. Benefits was the scrub particles which will save you so much time in the end as this cuts down part of the time you should be cleansing then scrubbing.  It applies wet and dries quickly just like a clay mask but with far more grit.

This is the ultimate skin detoxifer, great for pre-event prep. So if you are a combo girl like myself, jump on board. Add it to your Mecca checkout and give it a try. Keep it aside for the special evenings that you need more boost than your average clay mask, especially before the weekend when you know you'll be heading out to special events and want your skins base looking and feeling amazing.

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