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Monday, 28 May 2018

style it your way

Finding ways to build up my home and the decor surrounding me has been something I have attempted (and haphazardly succeeded in) over the years. My mood on decor forever changes. Not so much that I completely remove myself from what I love most. The simple. The Elegant. The Classics. 
With classics come the new. The selections I make to just add in a something extra to a space that may be lacking in that 'homely' touch.
I feel as though people are now finding it harder and harder to nut down on their style. With instagram and pinterest being an everyday flick through people tend to start their home in a theme and then struggle to add in additions that they love but will clash with their first chosen style.

That's the point of this post, to know when too much is - well - too much, but to have fun when selecting decor. Don't over think it. If it fits the space and you love it then get it. Make it work and forget if it looks good in an instagram photo. In the end this is your home, your space and you are the one to love it every day.

We start off with two pieces I have been hunting for. Plants are an important embodiment to my home. One due to me being a big believer in the benefits on having these naturally air cleansing creatures surrounding me and the second being the way they make me feel (like the outside is in the inside with me). Bamboo and raw materials have been a big inspiration as of late so naturally a bamboo plant stand was a given (shop here). Second came the lamp. I am still some what on the hunt for a nice floor lamp (my failed attempts at finding one I like still continue as I want and need one that goes from floor to roof) but we needed one for our bedroom. Considering my hubby decided my concrete one was used better in his own office. So my side table laid bare. The geometric pattern is a nice touch and more of a show piece in a limited space (shop here).
The last and final piece selected from this little haul was a decanter - cue a fancy whistle.
Let's be honest, this isn't for me. This is for hubbs. I'm not a big drinker and neither is he but we are slowly creating a bar area that can be enjoyed at anytime. This zone will be filled with a few gins, a little honey whiskey and possibly a few clear spirits. This has of course conveniently matched the glasses that I got a few months back so it became a bit of a matching game (shop here)

Next up on my list is the Jazz table lamp for the office. Sleek and simple, just how I like it.

Selected pieces by Salt and Pepper Home