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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Skin // Treat it well

A few weeks ago now I had the pleasure of attending the Flawless Rejuvenation Clinic in Hampton, hosted by the Venus Concept.
We know its been talked over continuously about my very own dermatolist and my routines of having chemical peels regularly etc but this time was a little different.

I was invited (not paid - this is not sponsored content. This publishing like anything else shown on this blog was on my own accord and you'll see why if you keep reading) for the attendance, I had been curious about these types of treatments but hadn't had the time nor patience to get them done and my dermatologist never recommended them as my skin didn't seem to need it as were doing other things. But as all bloggers know we do ourselves get a little curious. Part of the job I love.

The treatment I ended up choosing was the Venus Viva Treatment by Venus Concept which uses Pulsed Magnetic Fields to heat under the skin to cause a thermal reaction and force the skin to to stimulate the bodies natural healing state. It increases the collagen and elastin which should results in tighter, smoother skin.
PMF - pulsed magnetic fields. I didn't know anything about this. I had never thought to ask until after receiving this particular treatment. Once in the treatment room I became more aware of what was about to happen after discussions with the in house dermatologist. My skin personally has been and treated me very well. It's a rarity lately for me to breakout (unless I over consume chocolate and lollies) I take good care of my skin. From someone that grew up with extreme eczema I knew when I became an adult that time was up and to take care of the one body that I have.
I have regular treatments, use very good products and I have a routine that I have followed for many years. The treatment was to help my skin, to give it a little life again after a few weeks of being quite sick with the flu. I was in the midst of using my Murad products and having to skip that routine for period of seven days to make the most of this treatment.
It started off the normal way, in, sit and make myself comfortable as I chatted with the dermatologist. We discussed my skin, prior history of treatments done, what I am hoping to get out of the treatment and what it will do for my skin.
Then went the cleanse, my skin was buffed and exfoliated with in house AHA's called 'purity prep'. Next the numbing cream - for those that haven't had this. Take a moment to remember the dentist, a little nicer in the circumstance but the numb feeling is identical.

and then relax..........

45 minutes later and the skin is ready for the treatment. Numbing cream is removed and the start of the machine goes in the background. Now my skin is combination but quite sensitive given my history of eczema so we went quite light with the penetration PMF gun. Although it can have a tingly sting to it the laser itself was quite therapeutic. You could feel the hundreds of tiny needles going into the skin and the heat coming off the laser.
20 minutes later and we were all done. Easy as that. Very uncomplicated.

Healing time can vary for everyone, mine personally went down to 5 solid days of downtime (makeup worn the next day for a meeting I had). I strictly stayed with using a CC cream as coverage and then a little blush, concealer and mascara. I always take the advise of the dermatologist (as we all should in these circumstances) and her best advice was keep whatever I was putting on my skin over the next 7 days as chemical free as possible with little to no active ingredients as to not cause any reactions - think natural, i went for a mix of Sukin and Jurlique as I had these stashed in my cupboards. Both natural products with very light ingredient lists. I also received a sample sized moisturiser by Medik8 Ultimate Recovery to last me those days at home (full size available in store).

Within the 7 days I noticed the following changes to the skin.
- lightened in some areas, including around the cupids bow
- small scarring from eczema noticeably lighter (scars still apparent, but not as visual)
- smoother skin
- more lustre and skin was tightened

Although myself and the dermatologist both agree that we recommend a few of these treatments (one every 4-6 weeks) for anyone with decent skin that doesn't have many reactions to things. For those with more sensitive skin it could be less attendances or even a different treatment in itself but always good to double check directly and have yourself a consultation which are free of charge. For anyone with rosacea as I tend to have a lot of questions on  the subject from readers - yes this treatment can be done for you. As long as the skin barrier is in good condition and there's no active pustules, they do have other treatments more catered to this skin condition so again. Consultation is best.

If you have any further questions I am able to Venus Concept for you and get you some answers but feel free to contact the clinic itself directly or jump over to the Venus Concept instagram page and leave them a comment or write a message.
All in all I loved this treatment, i believe more would be needed to get my skin to that next level it needs to be but it was a well worth the experience.

We live in a time where a lot of chemicals are put on our face which can cause congestions and many other things. We consume a lot of products with ingredients that can flare up at anytime. Nurturing your skin should always be a priority.