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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The full package

A little while ago this fab little range arrived on my door step. Unbeknown to me I had never heard of Murad yet my skincare circle  had quickly asked me, why not?

So I tested it. We all know my firm belief on never ever recommending a product on any platform without yet trying it out. Two to three weeks is a good start for a mini recommendation, but a full review always needs extended time.
I remember once chatting to my derma about the effects of such products that I do test extensively and people tend to forget that every 6 or so weeks (this is one appointment I'll never miss) I get a full facial + peel to renew my skin. I'll always have my all time trusty favorites and they have been recommended more times than any other on this blog.

But this range was a bit of a superstar, although on the mid to high end price.
The ingredients I see are a bit of a technical fight between derma's, bloggers and skincare enthusiasts. Some like the minimal ingredients where as some believe that for the price point there should be much more. Although I somewhat agree I also want to pin point some of the good ingredients that for me alleviate my combination skin to the next level.

The cleanser, I've used this to double cleanse for 5 weeks now and the bottle is still three quarters full. The tiniest amount possible will do a full face cleanse, it foams incredibly well and you can feel the pores open up after rinsing your daily grime off. By the second cleanse you then get a hit of the vitamin c and this was an unusual yet a pleasing experience (I've never tried anything with that amount of Vit C, I've been wanting to try the Clinque Vit C boost serums but haven't as yet). It will wake you up and revive the life in the skin. I only used this in the evening, I found in the morning I preferred a lighter cleanse with a different branded product. When you compare the amount used from this to say - Mecca or Dove cleansers (two of my easily accessible favs) this was on a ratio of 3 to 1. A benefit given the price.
As mentioned in my stories, for those with cleansing brushes I firmly believe this would match your routine perfectly.
Second in line was the exfoliating cleanser, again this would only be used two to three times a week at the max - FYI for anyone that has mild dry skin. Highly recommend to put an exfoliating cleanser into your weekly routine. If your skin is sensitive go for lighter products without any scents/fragrances and less harsh chemicals. Murad's option is a nice mild formulation so this would work to your advantage. Again though avoid on any and all broken blemished skin as it could cause some stinging - personally my pain threshold is zero so I'd rather avoid something that I know 'could' sting or hurt.

Next was the second lot of essentials. Moisteriser and the spot correcting serum.
Now I researched extensively on the chemical compounds of both. With the serum noting niacinamide. This ingredient help with the skins brightening, to give the complexion a more lighter happy glow. Helps with the improvement of fine lines, skin tone and all the effects of aging that we ideally want to assist with.  The other ingredients listed I've left with my dermatologist to give me back the proper feedback. Light reflecting pearls are also there to assist with  brightening the skin tone. Afterwards goes on the moisturiser, it's light consistency and it blends/melts well into the skin. SPF 15+ is another prominent ingredient and we all know I am a heckler for adding an SPF into every single one of your routines. I found if you plan to wear this under your makeup, let it sink and dry into the skin well before application of your BB or foundation. 

Again, for the price point. I enjoyed the brand. It's not tested on animals (every brand take note). It's gentle enough on the skin, nothing too harsh and good ingredients to boost your skin to it's better self. The best time of year to really take note of your skin is the winter months. It's when it lacks its lustre so jumping on board and learning about serums and finding yourself one that fits your routine is a must.