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Monday, 30 July 2018

Jurlique - Its skin deep

I sat down last week with three amazing ladies (details to come later on) and we all discussed our 'me' time rituals. 
What makes you happy that you do everyday to make it start in the most positive light?
What routine have you got yourself in to that helps you get up happy and excited for the day to begin?

We all had our different answers but it got me really thinking about the time I spend in the morning and the invaluable effort made to start off the day cleansed and ready.

I will never go to sleep, nor wakeup without cleansing. It's routine for me. 
It's waking up, refreshing the skin, lathering on a good serum + moisturiser and feeling and looking my best. That begins and ends my day on the right foot.

If you didn't know, Jurlique being one of my favourite skincare brands has released a new set of cleaners to cater to all types of skin and personal preference.

Luxurious in every way and each individual little bottle is packed full of the most lush natural ingredients for your skin. 
My personal favourites tested over the last week, Revitalising Gel with peppermint - that refreshingly minty smell will awaken those senses then the Nourishing Cleansing Oil for the evening - it will remove your makeup thoroughly with three to four pumps whilst boosting the moisture.

Four new options available here