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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Easy Way to Dry Your Hair

Branding has to be one of the most essential items on any products development agenda. I've been all over Eleanor Pendalton's instagram lately, watching her amazing trip with Dyson overseas and being able to see first hand just how unique and amazing their hair dryers are. Every intricate wire facilitates some part of the mechanics and it astounds me (albeit I am a bit of a nerd for technology and learning how things work). 

I've been on the Dyson bandwagon for about 6 weeks now. I've gone from dreading my hair drying to actually enjoying it. Mostly because it takes almost no time at all to do. 
I have that super thick, super strong type of hair that for me is stubborn enough to take way longer than it needs to to dry. Even after tediously using some really beautiful-nutrient rich creams that are supposed to cut the time by half, haven't worked nearly as good as this. 

It's a super powerful little tool to keep near your basin but worth every penny spent. The technology is the coolest part,  the heat settings are super easy to use but provide the right amount for whatever you are doing. Lightweight to make it worth holding and using.
The innovation of this little gadget has taken my 10-15 minute hair care to 6 minutes which for me being a busy mum whom works full-time and runs her own business a breath of fresh air. 

I compared it to two others we had in our cupboards from the current Australian market. We have a travel mini from Remington and a pro-hair dryer/styler from a high end salon I received about two years ago. 
All good but for investment purposes and quality control the Dyson sprinted ahead of the others.

It's a goodie. No other words needed. If you invest, you'll be ever too pleased with yourself.