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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Boost your moisturiser game

If you are a keen follower of my instagram you'd know that my love for power packed moisturisers and serums are the most talked about on my feed.

Growing up with both eczema and dermatitis I know first hand how important it is to fully moisturise the skin and keep that dryness at bay - which can be harder than most think.

So I am hitting you with my favourites for 2018 so far and the ones for the girls/guys that struggle with the same skin sensitivity as me.

Lets start with the best for the mornings (honestly all of the ones shown in this post could be used at any time of the day but myself specifically I have them in the two categories of day to night)

Philosophy Purity and Renewed Hope in a Jar :: I'm placing these two together as they are both from the same brand. Purity is a super luxe lightweight moisturiser which goes great under makeup. Due to the ingredient list and it being so light, your skin fully absorbs the product leaving a hydrated and smooth base. For me compared to the renewed hope it's not as hydrating even with the thicker texture but if your skin is around the semi dry to normal type then this would work well for you. The renewed hope is very different,  very light and whipped texture so its easy to really blend into the skin and melt in using your warm fingertips. Non oily formula so great for a super hydration boost. This one contains one of my favourite ingredients glycolic acid to boost collagen and renew hyper pigmentation which is something I am currently studying more on. The only recommendation if you plan on wearing this under makeup is to wait until its fully absorbed, if you don't it can cause your foundation to not set properly in the skin and slide off within the first few hours.

Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse :: Super rich moisturiser, filled with good things. Thick and creamy formula which I recommend for skin really lacking in moisture. A lot of people recommend this for your evening application but I disagree, mostly due to the effect it has on the skin if you have larger pores than most and want them filled with a product that won't congest but instead smooth them out. Will create that fake reenergised type of effect that I love (avoid under the eyes as I've found the formula doesn't work well if you have dryer areas and can cause concealer to crease). 

Kiehls Creme De Corps :: This ones a cult favourite by many but not for what you're thinking. This is predominately a body cream, but.....I've been using it for years as both. 
It's incredible for summer beach days as it tends to stay sunk into the skin without budging even after a full day swimming. The cocoa seed butter ingredient is super beneficial for naturally healing skin, so blemishes or dry patches will drink this up. Not recommended underneath makeup but only for days in summer you're makeup free but want your skin looking as hydrated and youthful as possible.

Murad Essential C Serum :: I have recommended this one before here but I've re-added this to the list because it's now coming into summer and was previously one of my favs as a preemptive to make sure my skin was at its peak for summer glow. Vitamin C is such an important essential that your skin starts to produce less of as you grow older unless you do things like take supplements, increase your Vit C intake from fresh fruits and veggies or by skincare. The more Vit C you can give the skin the better chance it has to reproduce and restore itself. 
Although I do wish this was SPF 30 and not 15 (they may now have a 30 available but I haven't researched it enough) that added SPF to moisturiser makes it easier to apply pre makeup and not have you completing two steps re: SPF then moisturise. 
Super sensitive skin beware to only use a minimal amount . 

Evenings after cleansing...

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Lotion :: This is a new one for the brand but I have been stringent on using this every day for three weeks now. An advocate for Jurlique in my own right as the products have never failed me and my skin. This one is fragranced but don't let it deter you from trying it, the scent is super light, full of natural antioxidants and botanicals which help to balance out the skin and its natural rejuvenation process. This is lightweight so it may feel like you haven't layered on anything but it can help to creative an even tone to the skin with proper continual use.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar :: Much like its day counterpart, the formulation is far more powerful and heavier in texture. Another non greasy formula but with bigger ingredients boost. Will help to have the skin become plumper overnight so when you wake up you'll have more refreshed skin. Although they recommend the both used together in your routine you don't necessarily have to, either one used properly with another product will leave you with the same good result.

Obagi Hydrate Luxe :: This was my ultimate autumn/winter moisturiser for the evenings. Super thick consistency with an amazing formula that creates a sturdy barrier and letting the skin fully renew before the morning. It definitely needs consistent use though, don't expect complete lush skin after 1-2 uses. With most of my night creams I test in two ways, intermittently for a full week with 1-3 days of use to see if does anything as so many brands claim to be revolutionary and work quickly in mending skin in short periods of time and then 30 days of consistent use to properly test. Of course, nothing on the first three days but the 30 days I had clear improvement of the fine lines on my forehead which is my bother zone. 

These have been the favourites over the autumn to winter season, as the newest and (favourite) season has finally arrived - yay for spring! a new round of lighter moisturisers will be added to my routine and  can't wait to share those too.