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Sunday, 7 October 2018


MAC has been all over my radar lately, I recently went out to their Eastland stand alone store to have a try of their brow products and of course their foundation and base products. 
I remember MAC being the first proper cosmetic brand I ever purchased from....cue 16 year old me being excited about trying the blushes and velvet teddy lippy. Over 10 years later and the brand continues to grow and become more innovative in their product launches than ever.

Starting with the foundation, recently MAC re-launched their studio fix fluid SPF 15 in 50 shades.....that's a lot of colour choices for those that struggle to find a good foundation that works perfectly with their skin. Matte finish but can easily be used with an illuminating primer to give a better semi-matte texture.  This foundation took some time for me to perfect. I've been using it for years and it's a capable of having staying power and minimal layering for full coverage. 
It's been mix of incorporating serums, moisturisers and their iconic Fix+ in my routine. 
I've been passively using MAC everyday for over a month because I haven't been able to get enough of it. 

Pre-foundation has been a mix of Fix+ sprayed twice on the skin after a full cleanse to prep it up whilst also blending in two pumps of the moisture infusion serum to keep my skin as hydrated as I possibly can. Albeit my skin needs a double over so I also use a thicker moisturiser over the top of those two and wait til my skin has fully soaked it up before going in with my foundation. 
This combo has worked so well that I haven't had any need to use a primer as the skin already has that thin layer of moisture on top to grip the foundation and allow it to sink in and stay in place all day. 

After all the full face products are applied its of course time for the brows and lashes....
a mix of lash serum and my new obsession extended play mascara - typically my lashes weren't good with thin formula products and but when incorporating both....its incredible. There's this whole consensus that the thinner the brush the less product will apply which in turn means the product won't last but this is completely the opposite. Super thin and refined brush but the formula of both combined makes this last upwards of 11 hours on my lashes. The length and volume almost makes it look like my lashes have doubled which seems near impossible for my type of lashes. But it works and I'll be repurchasing in future.
Brows are another story. I'm in the midst of having mine re-trained (as my stylist calls it) it takes quite awhile but for the mean time I've used a combination of waterproof brow set + shape and shade brow tint when I need them filled in and quite bold and staying in place all day or just the shape and shade brow tint for my no makeup makeup days when I need definition and to falsely create fine hairs to fill in small zones of the brows. A lot of products on the market in comparison to what I've trialled struggle to really create that false hair look and thats what for me makes these products unique.

As of late I have been trailing through Victor Cembillin's instagram and portfolio (senior MAC makeup artist-some of my favourite looks by him below). His looks at Paris Fashion Week flawed me and his work for me is beyond incredible.
Him like many other MAC artists swear by some of my favourites listed above with Fix+ being the ultimate makeup cabinet necessity...and I totally agree.