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Monday, 12 November 2018


I remember using the Frank Body products when they first were released. The coffee scrub became my ride or die for body exfoliation and you'd never see my bathroom cupboard empty, especially in the spring/summer season when it became an absolute necessity because of all the fake tanning. 

So they've had me on the hook for years and extra bonus points for being one of my favourite locally owned brands. After the release of things like their shimmer scrub etc a few new things came around in the years since they begun.
I've been a HUGE fan favourite of dry oils for as long as I could remember. The ingredients packed in always help with my ever annoying dry skin issues that for years I have tried to subside with the best products I could get my hands on. The Frank Body shimmer oil is my new favourite and a big competitor to my second love (Mecca Shimmer oil). From the bottle it looks like a very shimmery bronze but goes applies completely colourless and solely relies on its naturally derived mica to give off that shimmer you want on the skin. Although its not as shimmery as you'd have first thought, it leaves this incredible sheen to the skin that is even more highlighted once you head out in daylight. 
This looked dashingly beautiful on event nights where I had pre prepped my skin a night before with a scrub then tan, giving my skin that extra glow in places I wanted to highlight etc collarbone, upper arms and legs.

I hold this brand to high expectations because I've been using it for years, it's been hard to find a brand that can compare when it comes to their lip and body scrubs so their dive into the skincare range was so inviting. I can be picky with brands, I know what I like and I know what I don't like so for it to be mentioned it has to work and work well. 

Cleansers, I received two from Frank that I switched between. I am and always will be a double cleanser. My skin needs it. Along with a good BHA I always prep skin morning and night with a deep cleanse. I have now used the Frank Body cleansing oil for over a month EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I'm still trying to get used to cleansing oils as I've always found them to be a let down -makeup removal wise- but Frank has completely outdone themselves with this one. Packed with BHA acid, vitamin E, camilla oleifera seed oil, coffee and so many other good things that literally remove every tiny molecule of makeup. This product has literally become one of my new holy grails...but wait there's always more. Next is their creamy face cleanser and creamy face scrub, I'm putting these two side by side because that's how they've been used.
Whereas the oil is used in the evening to remove my makeup, the Creamy Face Cleanser and scrub are used in the morning (one after the other of course). This allows me to clean the skin and leave a good base for m makeup, the scrub twice a week and the cleanser every morning without fail. I'm a big advocate of cleansing twice daily before and after makeup as you want your skin waking up clean and going to bed clean. You ask any of my friends and they'll tell you just how pushy I am about my cleansing. The difference between this scrub and many others I've tried is the nourishing effect with the ingredients, it sinks into the skin and pulls out the impurities whilst always removing the dead skin cells that are sitting at the current top layer. It's gentle enough to use twice a week without fail.

of course you can't have a cleansing routine without the finale, Everyday Face Moisturiser
This ones a goodie!!
The consistency of this one is super thin but along with the shea butter it literally melts in almost instantly giving less time to worry. The coffee scent is super prominent in this one but not to the point of being over powering, its nourishing and I have used every morning with a mix of my Paula's choice serum before makeup and SPF application. 

and lastly, one of my favourite things in my whole skincare routine is my mask days. 
I'm a 50/50 girl, meaning twice a week a scrub with exfoliating properties and once a week a mud or sheet mask to re-boost my skins natural oils whilst also packing it with moisture.  I've been testing out the Anti-Drama mask along with the other products for a few weeks by incorporating it into my routine twice a week without fail. A thick layer for me is needed to cover every inch and then the 15 minutes of calm begins, I've found the best time for these are either in the bath or whilst doing a little mediation (headspace is where its at). It won't leave your skin super hydrated but will purify, nourish and give your skin a lift, following it up with a moisturiser and I am pretty much set for the evening.